Superhero Girl Toys That Little Girls Loves To Play With


Haven’t we all dreamed about being a superhero? Do you know that feeling every time you get to watch a thrilling superhero movie? For kids, that is how they feel too. This is why these superhero toys below are perfect for kids who want to be just like their favorite character.


Wonder Forge DC 6-in-1 Super Hero Girls Game Set

This 6-in-1 set contains classic games with a twist that will take the fun to super new levels, from bingo, Crazy 8’s, Go Fish, matching, dominoes, and Four-in-a-Row. Each one features a favorite superhero girl power that includes Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Bumblebee, and Poison Ivy.


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DC Superheroes Female Action Figures

The girls will be ready for some action with this set of 9 different DC Super Hero Girls action figures. The figures are 6 inches tall, with movable arms and legs that allow them to pose for tons of creative play.

Each comes with an accessory to up the fun even more. For instance, Katana has a sword, while Wonder Woman has a lasso. This set calls for a great playdate or even for solo play.



Mattel DC Super Hero High School

No matter how super your favorite hero character is, they still need to finish high school,  and this DC Super Hero Girls Super Hero High School playset is perfect for that. From the cafeteria with a table and lunch trays to a classroom with a desk and lockers, this playset is perfect for all sorts of adventures at school.

Plus, there are three different levels to play, and a zip line that lets your favorite superhero fly to class in a way not seen at any ordinary school. You can purchase more Super Hero Girls separately to amp up the fun, as they climb, fly, and even sail through the halls of this Super Hero High School.



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LEGO DC Super Hero Wonder Woman Dorm

LEGO plus every girl’s favorite Wonder Woman equals loads of fierce fun as young builders start to build their adventures aplenty for the caped crusader. The scene is her dorm room, where you can see not just books but also a bed, secret drawer, a wardrobe, and a workstation, as well as her invisible motorbike, the famous golden lasso, and wrench.

Of course, who could forget a Wonder Woman mini-figure, as well as a suspicious piece of orange Kryptonite? She may be the one in school but looks like it’s the bad guys who will learn a valuable lesson from her.



DC Super Hero Girls Dune Racer

Your superheroes in the making can take this DC Super Hero Girls dynamite dune race to the streets. With a Monster Traction system, you can guarantee that it’s powerful enough to take this ride on the terrain of all sorts. It can even speed up to 5 mph.

Powered by a 12-volt rechargeable battery, this sweet ride also features lock brakes that you can dive into action once the foot is released from the gas.


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