Kids Learning Educational Toys by Age

Nowadays, education is more than just books. As soon as your child begins to understand things, it is critical to provide them with learning opportunities. You can do this by providing children with learning educational toys.

Wondering how to pick the right one for your kid!

Well, it is obvious to get confused, as many toy companies are coming up with different creations.

But here we are with some of the great suggestions.

Pick the toys as per the age of your kid and let them grow their mental level. Engaging your kids with such toys will help them to learn things in a better way.

Dig deeper to find the best one for your kid.

Educational Toys for Toddlers

Playing holds the incredible opportunities that help children to meet their developmental milestones.

Keeping in mind the thinking level of toddlers, here we come up with the list of educational toys that would help your child to develop.

1. Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy

To soothe your baby’s sore throat, you opt for many different options. One among them that not only helps your child to offer relaxation to the sore throat but also gives them their eyes the vision of beautiful and attractive colors is the Manhattan Toy Winkle Ratle & Teether toy.

It is BPA free plastic loop that promotes clutching and two-handed play. Also, it has a center cube that gives a pleasant experience of sound and effects.

2. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Want to give your child mental and sensory stimulation.

Here are the best kids’ educational learning toys, having bold colors that develop your child’s vision and also improves their motor skills. It also contains color beads inside it that produce pleasant rattle noise when shaken.

This sound encourages them to toss the ball thus plays a vital role in developing their skills.

Educational Toys for 2 Years Old

The next series of educational toys come up for the 2 years old child. The toys listed for them, help them to develop your child’s creativity, enhance their social skills and teach them how to solve the problem.

1. Aircraft Large Size Passenger Plane Set

It is a large-size aircraft, with sound and light storage puzzle plane that the child put down by using their brain. It has two-way inertial sliding that makes the plan push with a single push. Also, it has urban traffic tips that help your child to understand the common traffic signs and roadblocks.

2. Latches Board

The perfect educational toy for your kid, especially for the one who loves to open and close doors and covers. To enjoy playing with it, undo a lock and your child opens the numbered door to discover the picture behind the door. The toy helps your child to develop fine motor skills along with helping your child to learn about colors, numbers, animals and a lot more.

Educational Toys for 3 Years Old

In our list of kids learning educational toys, the last category comes for the 3 years old.

1. Educational Tablet Toys

Another one of the kids learning educational toys for children of age group 3 years and more is the tablet toy. It is a multi-award winning toy with the interactive touchpad helping children to learn the alphabet, number, time, colors, emotions, music, transportation, etc. The toy captivates your child for hours and challenges your child with the advance quizzes.

2. Construction Building Set

The toy as the name goes is the collection of 48 wooden pieces including nuts, drilled bars, screwdriver and more. Encouraging the child to enhance its building capabilities it allows your child to use their imaginative and creative mind to construct different models. It helps your child to build fine motor skills, learn coordination and in solving problems.


Understand your child’s skills and offer him what goes best for his development. Do not wait to help schools and books to develop the mind in your child; instead start today to offer him the best education along with fun and games.

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