Best Toys And Gift Ideas For 5-Year-Old Kids


Getting the perfect gift for everyone, especially for 5-years-old kids, is not that easy. But there’s no need to overthink because we have searched the internet to help you, scoping out the best toys for your little ones. So here is a shortlist that is perfect for any 5-year-old kiddos.

Jurassic World Indoraptor Dinosaur Action Figure

With this Indoraptor Dinosaur Action Figure, your 5-year-old kiddo can re-enact the terror of Jurassic World. With its slick black scales, it allows the Indoraptor to hide in the shadows. It can also catch any prey with its sharp claws and long arms. Use this dinosaur action figure to either re-create movie moments or launch new rampages for this terrifying dinosaur.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks – Twin Mill

Does your 5-year-old boy like to go to the race track? Then this Monster Truck is something he will surely love as it is ready for every battle. We’re pretty sure your 5-year-old will crush every competition with this Twin Mill truck. It features a sporty orangey design, with super-cool stickers and silver exhausts. Its oversized wheels can go off-roading on any terrain. Plus, it has a sturdy built, which allows you to practice with all the daring stunts you want.

Marvel Avengers Initiative – Iron Man Figure With A Battle Racer

Race to the rescue with this Battle Racer set from the Marvel Avengers Initiative, which also includes an Iron Man Figure. With this ready-to-go Battle Racer, Iron Man can get to the action instantly. Your 5-year-old boys will certainly have hours of fun with this exciting set, which includes four projectiles that fit onto the Battle Racer for even more fun.

DreamWorks Trolls Poppy Style Station

With the DreamWorks Trolls Poppy Style Station, it’s all about the hair. This Poppy Style Station comes with ten different styling accessories to make its hair look incredible, just as your 5-year-old girl wants it. They will also enjoy combing Poppy’s hair while adding adorable charm clips. With its cute mini comb, your little girl will love giving Poppy a marvelous makeover and hours of Troll-tastic fun!


Enchantimals Garden Magic Playset

Let your little girl’s imagination grow with this Enchantimals Garden Magic Doll Set, which features two Enchantimal dolls – Danessa and Bree. Each has its unique look, personality, and sense of fashion. Plus, it also comes with an enchanting deer and bunny. Also, the blue flower plot has four removable flowers included and a hook on each edge to keep the two gardening tools. What’s more, is that it also has a pinkish flower basket and bunny-shaped watering to help your 5-year-old girls’ imaginations grow even more.

My Little Pony’s The Movie Seashell Lagoon Playset

Your 5-year-old girls will have a lot of fun to look forward to with this My Little Pony the Movie Seashell Lagoon Playset, which includes the Pinkie Pie Seapony figure. From letting her pony relax in a hammock and sit in a lounge seat to brushing her hair in front of a vanity mirror, your girls will have a fun experience. Moreover, the playset has doors, which open up to reveal hidden rooms to play in. Plus, with its shell-shaped button, your kids can activate lights and a window to watch real rising bubbles.

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