Toy Planes Still Make the Grade


Do you remember playing with toy planes as a child? How if you used your imagination, rather than running, you were flying right alongside your toy airplane. This is a great way to share a piece of your childhood with your children. If you enjoyed this activity as a child, why wouldn’t you want to share this with your children?


Often as parents, we are afraid our children won’t like the same things we did, because there are more technologically advanced things on the market today, and yet our children will get all kinds of toys with bells and whistles at Christmas time and still have more fun playing with the wrapping paper and boxes than the gifts filling them. Think about this when you wonder about your cherished memories being too lame or old fashioned. After all, how long have cardboard boxes been around?

I always make a point of showing my children the things that had a large impact on my childhood. Whether they enjoy them or not is entirely up to your child, but you can build memories simply through the act of sharing those things. We live in a world where time is such a precious commodity, how could you possibly better spend your time, than sharing fond memories of your childhood with your children, especially the memories of good clean fun.


Toy planes today are far more sophisticated than they were when we were children and yet the old-fashioned wood and rubber band airplanes still exist. And the most amazing thing is that both of them are good sellers even after all these years the traditional toy plane is popular among children and parents as a bonding experience. Toy planes represent freedom, wings, what more beautiful thing can you give a child to play with?

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