10 Amazing Toys And Gift Ideas For 2-Year-Old Kids


So you have a talkative, adventurous 2-year-old kid at home. While kids this age master new skills every day, they learn a lot by observing their parents go about their daily lives and imitate what adults do. Kids at this age start to speak in a few simple sentences and are setting the art of challenging behavior, so most likely, their favorite word is a strident, uncompromising NO. Kids this age fluctuate between desiring to play with others and flying solo, so getting toys for 2-year-olds can be difficult. When buying a gift for a 2-year-old, there are a few points to keep in mind.

Parents should invest in toys for 2-year-olds that inspire kids to discover the bright, big world around them. Some great ideas include household play items, doctor’s kits, construction toys, and other imaginative play toys. Books are always a good idea too. These toys and gift ideas for 2-year-old kids check all of those boxes.

Tasty Proteins Set by Hape

Not only do these pretend foods resemble what kids notice at home, but they also break apart when chopping due to their self-stick tabs. They not only get one pretty impressive pretend play cooking set but also hone their motor skills after they put the meal together.

Dentist Set by PlanToys

Two-year-old kids can try brushing, inspecting, and even extracting teeth with this sophisticated dentist set. (The wooden mouth guarantees you won’t be their test subject) Being able to familiarize these tools might help your toddlers become less frightened of the dentist.

Countryside Building Set by PLAYMOBIL

The building set from PLAYMOBIL motivates kids to solve problems when they set the bricks together. It also grows with your 2-year-old and teaches him or her how the pieces fit to create something new. makes outfitting your kids easy and fun!

Doctor Set by PlanToys

The doctor set is a kit that can help toddlers to make sense of the real world because they see and visit doctors for check-ups. From a blood pressure cuff to a stethoscope, all made of impressive wood, making this medical kit perfect for your 2-year-old kid.

Metropolis 110-Piece Set by Magna-Tiles

Kids at any age are obsessed with Magna-Tiles for a reason: they are easy to use, look awesome, and promote creativity. The quality of the tiles is everything you want for your toddler’s toy.

The Block Set by Lovevery

This impressive set of woodblocks is the definition of open-ended toys. It includes 70 pieces in 18 different colors and tons of shapes, including wheels, a bead threader, arches, a shape sorter, and a rolling ramp. And sure, kids have a blast building their empires while also discovering the basics of physics and problem-solving.

Kitchen Creations Magical Oven by Play-Doh

Good ol’ Play-Doh not only stimulates kids to make stuff cooked up by their imagination, they then serve up the pretend food at pretending meals. Kitchens are essential in encouraging pretend play. And this Play-Doh cooking set comes with a knife, cutters, fork, plate, spoon, six cans of Play-Doh, and food attachments. makes outfitting your kids easy and fun!

My First Farm by Brio

Help kids learn and explore their environment by giving them this Brio set, which includes an animal wagon, five wooden animals, an interactive farm, two curved railway tracks, two ramp tracks, and a railway engine. Kids learn the basics of building and joining things with this classic train set, which promotes open-ended play.

Car Carrier Vehicle Set by Green Toys

This colorful set helps 2-year-old kids develop and build their motor skills and distinguish different hues.

New Sprouts Fix It by Learning Resources

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